What people fail to appreciate about the small business owner is the breadth of problems s/he must tackle. In a large corporation an individual takes responsibility for a relatively narrow range of issues. A small business owner handles everything: marketing and sales, finance and accounting, human resources and training, management and administration, maintenance and repairs…everything. Few people are skilled in every area and rarely is an individual equally talented in a wide variety of disciplines. This site will offer you help and advice in the areas you find daunting.

This site focuses on the small business owner/entrepreneur who has waded into the fray and now recognizes the need for help with some aspects of growing the business. We also address those about to start an enterprise.

To begin with, we will focus heavily on revenue generation (marketing and sales), profitability and cash flow and the underlying problems which negatively affect them. It’s been our experience that these areas are most problematic for business owners and present the most critical issues as the business grows.

This is not a business school tome: there will be no case studies, just examples; no theory, but practical solutions and the how to use them. The topics will be addressed by people who have done it successfully and lived to tell the tale. Language will be straight forward and as jargon-free as possible.

Whether you join us or not, we invite your feedback. We will ask you to evaluate the content as you use it and let us know how it worked and whether it was clear. A simple response form is provided at the bottom of each page to tell us how we are doing.

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