More people than ever are using text messaging to grow their businesses and reach their target market. So, it isn’t very surprising to see how many small businesses are using a text message subscription service to market directly to customers. The numbers show why this is such a popular marketing tool: Text messages have a 100 percent open rate and are read 98 percent of the time, usually within 15 minutes of being sent.

Almost everyone owns a cell phone, and most own a smartphone. Many Amercian consumers treat their smartphones as extensions of themselves, carrying them from morning to night. Smart business owners have discovered that they can take advantage of this marketing tool to reach their target audience in an immediate and intimate way. They can use text messaging to share specials, updates, ideas, and news with customers. And because a smartphone is such a personal tool, a text message creates a connection that e-mail and social media can’t achieve.

Are you looking to take advantage of text messaging to put a kick into your marketing strategy? Here are eight of the most affordable text message subscription services you should consider.

text message subscription service

1. Mozeo Text Platform

Mozeo is a text message subscription service that offers users a flat message pricing. This service costs the advertiser three cents for every text message. Most importantly, Mozeo allows any unused messages to roll over to the following month. This benefit gives you the ability to reserve messages for important occasions, saving you money on marketing expenses.

There’s a one-time fee for each keyword, which gives the advertiser the ability to encourage a customer to type that keyword and take advantage of a special promotion. Mozeo offers a trial service that lets marketers test the system by sending 10 text messages for free before purchasing a subscription.

2. TellMyCell Service

Perhaps you own a pizza restaurant and want customers to take advantage of a special. When your customers type PIZZA in a text message to your company, they get a discount. That sounds like a great way to engage customers and offer them value that they can access right away.

With TextMyCell, you get unlimited contacts and groups but pay for each message. The company offers several packages. The basic plan starts with 100 messages and costs $29 per month. You can also sign up for the pay-as-you-go service, which costs five cents per text and $25 for each keyword. TellMyCell also has a trial program that lets you send 10 messages for free before you subscribe.

3. Simple Texting Subscription Service

With Simple Texting, the name says it all. The site is simple to navigate, which is helpful if you’re new to using a text message subscription service. In addition to texting, marketers can incorporate their Twitter and Facebook accounts, as well as integrating their MailChimp account. As a result, Simple Texting customers can cover all the online bases smoothly and seamlessly.

Simple Texting offers users a free 14-day trial service. Afterward, they can upgrade to $45 per month for 1,000 instant messages.

4. TXT180 Messaging Service

TXT180 is a unique text message subscription service. Along with offering simple alerts and auto-respond messages to your customers, you can also set up a sequential set of messages to stay in touch with clients. Business owners who sell high ticket items, such as real estate and luxury vehicles, often find they need to touch base with a customer several times to make the sale. And this text message service provides that option. You can even use their custom widget on your website to message potential customers online.

Their base plan starts at 500 messages for $14.95 per month (with annual subscription), and you can test their services for free using 100 messages over 15 days. TXT180 also offers discounts for companies that need larger messaging packages. Some of the most convenient text messaging services provided include the “text 2 vote” and the “text 2 win” services.

5. CallFire Texting Service

text message subscription service

CallFire offers a number of different phone-based services, from virtual call assistance to interactive voice response. They also offer a text message subscription service that starts at five cents per message for their pay-as-you-go program. Keywords are $25, and you can scale as small or as large as your business requires. They’ll also provide local phone numbers for rent in case you haven’t developed a sizeable opt-in list of your own.

Their lowest cost subscription offers 2,500 messages for $99, including a discount on keywords.

6. Betwext Text Messenger

Betwext may be hard to say, but they’re a reliable text message subscription service that provides advertisers with the ability to employ unlimited keywords in their marketing campaigns. If you’re targeting several different keywords in your marketing campaigns or just testing out new ones, this service will pay for itself in a very short time.

At only two cents per message, you’ll save a lot of money. Or better yet, you’ll reach a much larger audience for your money. Start your campaign for as little as $29 per month, which gives you three keywords and 1,000 messages. If you need more, they’re only a penny each.

7. TextMagic Subscription Service

TextMagic is a text message subscription service that supports use online from your website or your company’s app. You can also interact with two-way text through their online portal or app. And you don’t need a cell phone to set up your messaging, either. Just email it to them or enter it into the company website.

You’ll pay in advance for their per-text price of four cents per message, but your credits will never expire. Credits are available in packs of 100 for just $4. This is a great service to test the waters without investing a lot of cash upfront on an untried marketing channel.

8. Trumpia Text Service

For the marketer who is serious about using text messages in their campaigns, Trumpia offers packages that include either 10,000 or 25,000 messages. The great thing about the Trumpia text message subscription service is they offer both mass messaging and one-on-one messaging. They can even send customers directly to your business landline, so they’ll get the personal service they need. You can use several different formats too, depending on your message. Your texts can go out as appointment reminders, standard marketing messages, or event coordination blasts.

Plans at Trumpia start at $225 per month for startup businesses and even includes social media and email integration. Larger packages run from $495 to $4,985 per month and include an increasing level of personal service and messaging options.

Choosing the Right Text Message Subscription Service for Your Business

With new plans and expanded services added at a dizzying pace, many of these companies may change or lower their pricing structure. So, make sure you visit each site to verify the current package prices. The easiest way to narrow down the search to the best text message subscription service for your business is to take advantage of their free trial service before you make your decision. In this way, you’ll get a clearer picture of how well texting works for your industry. You’ll also be able to gauge the ease of use and time commitment you’ll need to make to be sure you’re using it effectively.

The list of text message subscription services provided should get you started with this exciting new marketing channel. But keep in mind that new tech companies come online every day. Keep an open mind to new services and new technology, especially those that offer multi-platform integration that can save you a lot of time.

And if you’ve had good results using a service that we didn’t mention above, please share your experience. This way, we can help our audience find the right service for their unique needs.

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