Over the last few years, Instagram has climbed from obscurity to the top of the social media world, right alongside Twitter and Facebook. In fact, considering the rate at which it’s growing, Instagram is likely to become the most-used social platform very soon. Now is the time to consider how to do social media marketing on Instagram, before the competition discovers these tricks and leaves you in the dust.

Today is your chance to get a massive lead on the competition. You can separate your business from others in your niche while reaching a global audience. Here are six of the most effective tips on how to do social media marketing on Instagram.

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1. Discover What Posts Are Driving Traffic

Even if you post on Instagram every day, without the right tracking tools, you’ll have no idea which of your images drove the majority of traffic to your website. So, it’s crucial to identify what’s working well so you can multiply your efforts in this direction.

To pull this off successfully, start by using a link shortener. In this way, you can create customized links for each post using tools like Bitly. When you’re analyzing the data at the end of the week or month, you can find out exactly which type of post is the most engaging for your audience. These are the ones that are making your visitors excited enough to follow the link to your website.

With a link shortening tool, you have the power to check the results of your campaigns easily. As a result, you will be able to double down on the type of posts that bring you the most traffic.

2. Make Use of Your Instagram Bio Link

Instagram gives users the chance to have a clickable link added to their profile or bio page. Many business owners waste this opportunity by filling in the information as though it were the “About Me” page on their website. However, If your visitor took the time to click your bio page, they already have some understanding of who you are. Because of this, you should turn your Instagram bio page into a marketing tool.

You can use the bio page on Instagram to promote giveaways, share exclusive information, or reveal details about upcoming releases. This way, you’ll be able to treat your subscribers as guests of honors. They’ll have special access to these notifications, which provides value to your followers. Create a unique landing page so they can access your website and any special promotions you’re running on Instagram.

3. Discover Trending Hashtags

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Many entrepreneurs are wondering how to do social media marketing on Instagram while ruining their hashtag potential along the way. Unfortunately, they think all they have to do is to stuff posts with hashtags, and massive traffic will follow.

Remember that the hashtags that were popular yesterday may not be today. Updating the hashtags in your bio or on posts will help to attract an audience that’s currently excited about that subject. Make sure you stay up to date on trending hashtags. This will help global social media users find your business. You can update your hashtags by using current data from websites like TopHashtags.

Remember that you can even use your business name as a hashtag along with any of the ones relevant to your industry. Hopefully, visitors will begin to associate the two and increase their interactions with you on Instagram.

4. Mix Videos and Pictures

In the digital age, marketing ideas that don’t start with your brand presence on social media will only narrow your chances of success. When you’re first learning how to do social media marketing on Instagram, you’ll find that one picture tells a story of a thousand words. While that might still be true, videos have recently become a marketing force to be reckoned with.

There’s a reason YouTube is one of the most visited websites and that millions of new videos are added and viewed every day. In fact, Facebook algorithms even prioritize videos over still images because users find them more engaging.

In fact, a video can generate three times more inbound links than posts with just pictures. Utilizing videos on Instagram will not only engage your audience, but it will also encourage them to share the content with their friends and followers. As a result, you’ll be increasing your exposure exponentially.

With Instagram picture posts, you might be able to tell a unique story about your business. However, videos will give you the opportunity to bring those stories to life. So, make sure you plan to provide and post video content as well as still images in your Instagram marketing campaigns.

5. Guide Users to Important Content

Perhaps this is the week your company is having its annual blowout sale. Maybe you just opened a new warehouse. Or you want to share a new report that helps your audience. Instagram is a great marketing tool for driving an audience directly to that content by way of a link in a post.

Instagram gives users the ability to add clickable links to carousel posts. This can be extremely helpful in getting a user to a specific piece of information quickly and effortlessly. It can also be an exciting way to increase traffic to your website.

While still learning how to do social media marketing on Instagram, make certain that the photos you post are directly related to the information your followers will find at the link. Click-bait techniques are a sure way to anger your followers and get your account banned. To maintain your followers’ trust and goodwill, make sure the Instagram picture and information on the landing page are related and relevant.

6. Create Sharable Images

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One of the most effective marketing strategies on Instagram involves making your graphics share-worthy. Too many business owners post a picture and assume that it’s compelling enough to tell their story. By pairing the image with relevant and fresh captions, you can create compelling content that will engage your audience.

Stunning graphics mixed with inspiring quotes or helpful tips make the post instantly sharable. Incorporate powerful and timely hashtags to bring in a broader audience and help to drive your exposure even wider. When your posts have several sharable elements, such as hashtags, detailed captions, and stunning images, they become irresistible and easy for your followers to share.

How to Do Social Media Marketing on Instagram Starting Today

These six strategies on how to do social media marketing on Instagram are small yet effective. When it comes to separating your business from the pack, there is no better plan than being active on Instagram. But you don’t have to incorporate all of these techniques into your marketing plan at once. Start today by just updating your hashtags. Then, test out a URL shortener with tracking capability. Once you know what kind of posts drive the most traffic to your website, you can devise a plan for adding videos or other content to your feed.

Instagram is an incredible social platform. The company is always making improvements. With Instagram gaining popularity, a small business owner can compete with global corporations on a level playing field. If you have a few tricks that have exploded your marketing efforts on social media, share them with us here so our audience can try them as well.

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