If you have a local business, then one thing you need to know is that a small business digital marketing strategy is quite different from an online-only based one. Your strategy needs to be focused solely on the people in your allotted geographical area, and you should unquestionably have a target audience. If you want to reach the local customers you have in mind for your business, take a quick look at the excellent pieces of advice we’ve compiled for you below, for a truly outstanding small business digital marketing campaign!

#1. Your site should be optimized for local search

As far as the search optimization goes, you should think about it from a local point of view. Make it comprehensive for all your customers by enriching your website with information such as your products and services, as well as your location and other relevant keywords you can think of.

#2. Make sure your website has a killer design

If people in your town are browsing the online for a new place to eat, have coffee or go shopping, they are going to judge your business based on what it actually looks like. Yes, appearances do matter in this case. Therefore, make sure your website looks clean, attractive, and, most importantly, professional. Apart from that, remember to offer your clients all the info they need regarding the business.

#3. Post your complete address and your working hours

Building on the last sentence of the above paragraph, you should never neglect to offer your customers all the details they need to find you. This includes the following.

  • your complete address
  • instructions on how to get to you
  • the means of public transportation they can take if they don’t want or can’t drive
  • working hours
  • whether or not you are closing down during public holidays
  • a complete menu of food and beverages if such is your business
  • conclusive pictures of the place in itself as well as of your products
  • a list of prices.

#4. Set up multiple communications means

A simple telephone number posted on your website or Facebook page is not sufficient. Some people can’t or choose not to use their phone, for example. Therefore, you can allow them to message you on Facebook, send you tweets of Twitter, and email you. You need to make it easy for people to be able to contact you at any given moment.

Tip – as a part of a successful small business digital marketing campaign, you need to make sure you don’t take a lot of time before answering your customers. Since your business is local, your clients will be expecting you to respond to their questions and online reservations as soon as possible. If not, they will lose interest very quickly and find another place, most likely your competitor.

#5. Make use of a clearly defined call to action

Evidently, the purpose of your website is to attract as many clients as possible, as part of your small business digital marketing strategy. But how should they do that? Should they call in during hours of operation, order online, call and make an appointment or a reservation? Make it easy for them to understand how it is they can proceed if they want to engage in a commercial relationship with you.

#6. Never stop using social media

If you, as the business owner can’t do this yourself because you might be too busy, then you can have one of your employees do it or even hire a social media manager. Regardless of the way you choose to do it, there should be no stopping you. Post pictures, updates, photos of your clients in your shop, good reviews, changes, and everything else in between that you can think of.

When it comes to small business digital marketing, not being present on social media equals surrendering to failure. You risk losing customers, being considered out if style, replaced with your competitors or even forgotten.

small business digital marketing idea of using social media

#7. Is your social media content relevant?

As long as we’re on the subject of social media, how relevant is the content you’re always posting? When we say relevant, we mean for your particular slice of the audience. For example, if you own a coffee shop, it’s a good idea to post pictures, recipes, and other types of content that are related to the dark beverage, as opposed to, say, pictures of bees.

Remember that useful and pertinent content will keep your customers hooked and, why not, entertained.

#8. The keywords you use should always be locally optimized as part of your small business digital strategy

When building a small business digital marketing campaign, as part of your SEO endeavors, you will need to find and use particular keywords. However, keep in mind they need to be relevant not only for your business but your local area as well. For example, if you own a Chinese restaurant, targeting customers outside your city or even state won’t, in fact, do your business any good. It’s highly unlikely people from other states will be willing to drive, take a bus or a plane just so that they can eat in your restaurant.

It’s an SEO practice utterly wasted. Hence, the solution is to include information such as your location in the keywords that you choose.

#9. Select your landing pages wisely

SEO says that when you advertise using a search engine, you need to select a landing page. In other words, when your ad appears on Google or YouTube, for example, your niche customers will want to click on it. When they do, where will it lead them?

To your website, of course, but will it be on your homepage or a specially selected page? This, evidently, depends on what you are advertising in the first place. Here are some examples.

  • If you are marketing a special product, say a particular set of headphones, then it’s best your landing page is exactly that set’s page. If not, the engaged customer will find it cumbersome to have to comb through your website to get to the desired product.
  • If you have a coffee shop and are advertising a special breakfast menu, then make the landing page one specifically designed for that menu and include all the necessary details, such as happy hour schedule and price.
  • If you own a restaurant and simply want to raise awareness for it, then your landing page can be your website’s homepage. From there, your customers can visit any piece of information they want.

Keep in mind that any relevant small business digital marketing campaign that needs to succeed locally has to be based on results. Therefore, you must forever be tweaking your efforts and refocusing them according to the feedback you get, so that you can draw in as many customers as possible.

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