In order for your team to generate more sales, you’ll need to discover effective ways to motivate your office. These sales contest ideas don’t require a huge budget. Nonetheless, they are creative methods to motivate your team at doing great work.

Consider these 11 out of the box sales contest ideas that will motivate the office!



1. Employee of the Month

Everyone knows why there is an employee of the month. The selected person rose to the occasion and outperformed all the others in the office. Don’t just reward the employee by recognizing them verbally. Make it so this is an award workers strive for. This designated award should also come with a cash incentive as well as time off each month. Getting a paid day off is a prize that will motivate every person on the team.

2. The Winner’s Choice

Most offices try to motivate the team with raffle prizes each month, a gift basket or gift card to a store they don’t shop at usually. However, these options aren’t really much of a driving force. With winner’s choice sales contest ideas, the employee decides what the prize should be from a list of potential rewards. Perhaps one person would enjoy that gift card for dinner while. Others might be willing to work extra for a free day at a luxurious spa.

3. Time with the Boss

How many times a month does that employee look for chances to have an audience with the boss to kick around ideas? Time with your boss incentives give the winning employee a chance to have one hour with the boss to talk about anything. Perhaps it could be over lunch, or just time alone in the office. The two of them can talk about ideas, changes or anything else on their mind.

face to face business meeting between employee and boss

4. Team Goals

One of the ways to get the entire office on board is to consider team goals. These sales contest ideas motivate the entire team to step up. Otherwise, everyone loses out. When the reward is a day for the whole team to spend at the local casino, each member will push one another so they reach that sales quota. Rather than pitting workers against each other, they work together for the benefit of the entire office.

5. Daily Prizes

Not all sales contest ideas have to be awarded a month or year later. Daily prizes can be exciting because they give more employees an opportunity to win. Smaller gift ideas will be in order. Small tokens like a gift card for the coffee shop or doughnut shop can really add up. Whoever makes the most sales until business closing time wins the prize.

6. The Biggest Sales

It is something altogether different to award a team member who scored the most sales. The logic here is that even if one employee is miles ahead of the office as far as sales are concerned, the winner is not settled yet. Any employee can score a huge sale by the appointed deadline. This competitive edge keeps the whole office engaged right to the last-minute of the contest.

7. The Floating Prize

Floating prizes are sales contest ideas where the same prize is transferred from one winner to the next. These can be rewarding prizes that employees are eager to win. Such awards can vary from a company car for the month, free lunch for a month to the ability to go home Friday an hour earlier each week. These services can really motivate workers to win each month, driving up sales, and increasing production.

8. Playing Sales BINGO!

Everyone loves the BINGO game. Now it can be used as a creative way to get the entire sales team motivated at the office. The idea is just like the traditional game. However, there is a difference.  Employees are going to mark off a spot on the BINGO board every time a task is completed. Make a sale, cover a spot. Get a client who hasn’t ordered in a year to buy, cover a spot. The great thing about this game is that everyone who completes the needed tasks and gets a BINGO can win a prize.

9. America’s Most Wanted

Depending on the industry, each business certainly has a list of potential clients they would do anything to acquire. For this sales contest idea, identify a list of the most wanted clients and attach a prize to each of their names. If one of the team is able to land that client, they win the designated prize. Not only can these prizes be more rewarding. The more motivated the team members are, the more of those bigger prizes they can win.


business team members meeting over a table with files, data, laptop, tablet, smartphones

10. The Customer’s Choice

Talk about unique sales contest ideas, how about giving the customer the ability to choose the winner? Each month, customers will be sent a survey to rate their experiences with employees of the company. The employee who receives the most rave reviews wins the prize. This motivational technique will help improve customer care skills. This, in turn, will improve sales too.

11. Let’s Make a Deal

Just like the old game show, Let’s Make a Deal, people love surprises. This contest idea involves multiple prizes, some good, some amazing. When the employee makes the most sales or breaks a new record, they win a prize without knowing what it is. After they open the gift, they have the choice to keep the prize or choose what’s behind curtain number two instead. This game show atmosphere can excite all the employees in the office.


Bottom line, these employees want to feel like they are a valued part of the team. Therefore, these sales contest ideas give them the recognition they crave and deserve. If you have discovered a unique way to motivate your sales team, please share your ideas so our readers can consider them too.

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