We live in a world where competition crops up from every corner. Entrepreneurs have to devise workable strategies of staying ahead of the pack and personal branding is a favorite for many. Building a personal brand does not just benefit an individual but also the company he/she represents. A lot of individuals have come to realize the potential of personal branding and how it can boost careers by creating the right perceptions in audiences.

Developing an individual image can position you to attain personal and company goals. Business people must understand the impact that personal branding has on their businesses and why it pays to invest in it.


How Do You Do Personal Branding?

The idea that personal branding must make you famous is misguided. Developing an individual image is about shaping a positive perception among a target market and creating influence, which does not necessarily amount to fame. Technological advances have made it easier for entrepreneurs to create personal brands, compared to the hassle they had to go through just a few years ago.

Personal branding is about self-marketing that is packaging your skills and talents, then selling them to the people who matter. Individuals can now start by building an online visibility because that is where you find a huge chunk of the audience. Interacting with colleagues and answering questions from the public on social media is one way to gain that presence. Writing thought leadership articles and participating in speaking engagements is one way to position yourself as an expert in your field, which is crucial to personal branding.

Step 1: How Can Personal Branding Influence Business?

Your image as an individual extends to your enterprise. It can have a positive or negative impact, depending on the brand you have created. Personal branding should always be aligned with the goals and values of a company.

It takes consistency and time to build a brand to be proud of.  The same applies to knowing how it helps your enterprise provides motivation to work harder at it.

Step 2: New Opportunities

Personal branding has the chance to open doors that you don’t even know existed. When you have given your own brand everything, and it turns out well, then you can expect to show up in search engines and social media results. You need to have potential customers go to Google or Facebook and can easily find your name. This gives your company good chances of securing those opportunities.

There is a high number of consumers that search for services and products online. Therefore, it is wise to intertwine an individual brand with that of an enterprise. A strong personal brand can generate a lot of web traffic. The traffic can easily divert to the company. The aim is to be sure that your personal branding will bring new prospects for the enterprise. In this case, make it easy for audiences to connect you with the corporate brand by adding the name of the entity in your online bios.

Step 3: Credibility

People look for trustworthy brands when doing research online about the companies to use for whatever they need. Personal branding allows you to build a solid reputation that inspires confidence in consumers. The credibility attached to an individual brand can do great things for a corporation. That is why celebrities are used for endorsements. People with strong credibility hold high positions in the public eye. So anything associated with them enjoys the same good fortunes.

A trusted individual brand can make recommendations. Therefore, people will factor them in their decisions. This is the stage when they value that opinion. You can boost your credibility by portraying yourself as an authoritative figure in the industry. It is possible trough the right media exposure. If necessary, hire a PR agency to get your image out there.

Step 4: Network Expansion

Personal branding can allow you to develop strong networks that will prove very beneficial to your business. Social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook simplify networking. Through interactions on forums and useful posts, you can build the right associations. Besides social media, you can develop contacts by attending industry events like conferences and seminars. Note that attending alone is not enough. Find ways to engage with people that matter.

Even if you are not speaking at the function, be sure to stand out. There is a multitude of strong personal brands out there. And by creating associations with them, you continue to grow yours. These networks are invaluable for corporations, especially when you intend to enter new markets or drum up business.

Step 5: Outdo the Competition

Some entrepreneurs concentrate so much on building company brands that they forget about the personal image. Usually, this which can be counterproductive to the bottom-line. For instance, when people hear Elon Musk, they immediately think Tesla. The same happens with Richard Branson and Virgin Group. This recognition is made possible by stellar personal branding. These two entities stand out from the rest because customers identify with both the people and the business.

Entrepreneurs who don’t invest in personal branding lose out on potential new opportunities. They may just be awaiting discovery out there. Imagine attending a conference with peers and not being able to generate any business for your corporation. This typically happens because nobody can recognize your name or associate it with anything.

brand event

Step 6: Relate to Consumers

People love when they can identify with a brand because it feels like they are getting personalized services or products. Personal branding is one tactic you can utilize to connect with your target markets. When customers know your values as the CEO or manager and have a sense of who you are, they tend to link that to your enterprise.

An individual brand is useful in building loyalty among consumers. Then, they can relate to a live person as opposed to an organization. Taking the time to engage with consumers on social media allows them to know more about you. Subsequently, they become aware of company you represent.

To Sum Up the Personal Branding

Personal branding may not have been that vital fifteen years ago. But now it is one of the elements that drive business. By using the proper strategies to develop your individual image, you can highlight the skills, achievements, and objectives that make you different from everyone else out there. It may only take a few changes to strengthen your image and turn it into an asset that your enterprise can rely. In the en, personal branding grows a business as much as an individual.

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