Payroll management in a small company is too often an after-thought. The checks get written, the taxes deposited and little thought is given to the amount of time and stress expended. Before you add a person to take over the function, consider an outside payroll company. They will handle the job professionally and may take on some attendant HR tasks as well.  Below are some companies we’ve looked at.



Top 8 Payroll Companies

1. DM Payroll Services

This company is best known for its long experience in the field. It has been operating since 1962. Their main services include payroll and tax management. They also produce your reports, offer remote check printing, check calculation and compliance.

Other services they offer include time and attendance solutions. They offer custom packages to meet your specific needs.

2. Checkmate Payroll

This payroll service provider is known for offering special  features to accommodate managing your payroll on the go, in addition to the usual HR and payroll systems.

If you are looking to set up payroll alerts, consolidate reports, or just calculate payroll, they can help you. Other than payroll services, Checkmate Payroll also helps you in filing your taxes. It comes with both year-end tax form processing and automated reciprocity tax withholding.

3. Diamond Payroll

Diamond Payroll is among the best known companies of its kind.  It helps you by preparing pay cards, direct deposits and payroll checks, tracking time off and vacations for your employees, and preparing payroll taxes.

Diamond Payroll guarantees that their clients will never have to pay payroll tax penalties.

4. Gusto

If you are looking for the full payroll and HR service provider, then consider Gusto. This is a cloud-based payroll service provider. The system automates almost all the HR and payroll management tasks. It offers services such as payments and filing, tax calculation, direct deposits, worker compensation, payroll reports and other employee accounts.

A system can also be integrated with your other software e.g. accounting, time tracking, and other human resource systems. You can try the free Gusto demo then upgrade at a fee of $39, plus $6 per employee per month.

5. Kelly Payroll

If you have been searching for a straightforward payroll system, then try this company. Kelly Payroll is a subsidiary of Kelly & Associates Financial Services. This online system integrates your payroll service with all employee benefits information. The system then offers a single entry point to access the information both to the employer and the employees. This makes the process simple and convenient to all.

The system keeps track of all the information after any changes. When you change payroll deductions or the benefit, they are automatically updated immediately.

6. Namely

Namely is also a full payroll service provider. It is a high-tech system that integrates with your HR and benefits information. The services it provides include payroll, automated tax filings, compliance, access to payroll reports, generation of W-2 and 1099 forms and other tools.

It also comes with special features. Some of them are social news feed, an employee database, organization charting, calendars, workflow maps and other awesome features. Namely, it comes with a 24/7 fully personalized support system. A handy mobile app is also available with Namely.

7. Intuit

Intuit is among the best known payroll companies that offer a variety of packages to choose from. It comes with three different packages to choose from. These are payroll basics, tax management services, and full-service package including other services. Among the services there are QuickBooks Online accounting.

When you choose the full package, Intuit does all the payroll and tax filing jobs for you. You can try the free demo first to check out if this service is for you. The company occers different prices depending on the package you chose. They range from 20 to $80 per month.

8. Heartland Payroll

For business people who love security, Heartland Payroll could qualify as an appropriate choice. This company offers to process all your payrolls and employee information online.

When it comes to security, Heartland Payroll keeps it paramount. They use the latest encryption technology to ensure your data is secured. The company also has an Anti-Breach Warranty to give you a peace of mind. So they commit to keeping all your payroll information totally secure.

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Choosing from Payroll Companies

Hiring payroll companies is a wise decision for many small businesses. By outsourcing the job to professionals, you have time to concentrate on your business.

Most of these payroll companies offer free trials, allowing you to test the package and determine which best meets your needs.

We do encourage you to tell us some of the best payroll companies you have worked with. Leave a comment below and share with us.

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