What are we trying to accomplish with reviews, bonuses, salary reviews and profit sharing?

We would like our employees to work with the same beliefs or principles that we employed to make the company a success. Sometimes this means working well as a team, sometimes it means doing whatever is necessary to get the job done.  It means respecting our customers, and making sure that each and every transaction is a good value for the customer.

How do foster a positive company culture, and motivate our employees.Motivating

There are many ways.  The first two that come to my mind are Culture and Motivation.

Developing the right culture sets the stage, provides the basis for future conversations. As owner you determine:

  1. How your employees will interact with each other, how you will interact with them.
  2. How you will succeed as a company and how you and each of your employees will prosper.
  3. How will our product or service will make life better for the customer?


Motivation is what causes all of us to do what is required to accomplish our personal and company goals. So why is that so often not enough?  Because it is difficult.  In Malcolm Gladwell’s book,David and Goliath, he speaks very clearly about the effectiveness of the basketball strategy of a constant full-court press.  That weaker teams can overcome their Goliath’s by using a constant full-court press.  So why don’t more teams use the full-court press?  Because it’s hard.

This is where Motivation can be used to get past the “It’s too hard” and get on with doing the work required to make you successful.  Industrial psychology tells us that you need to change the beliefs of the target audience.  You must make your employees believe in what you are trying to do and make them believe that they can do it.

My background is Finance and Strategy.  We bean-counters think that the best way to implement a strategy is with Mission-Vision-Values and Objectives.

I’m not going to take you through an entire strategic planning session: we are looking for the answers to motivating your employees here.  But I will try to explain why these ideas are important to motivating your employees.

A Mission is your succinct statement of what you are doing to “save the world”.

Your Vision is your story:  why your mission is important, how you are going to accomplish your mission, and what the world will look like after you accomplish your mission.  This is the primary motivation tool.  To make each of your employees believe that what they are doing is important; that they are making a contribution and can explain why the world will be a better place.

Values are basically the culture discussed above.

Your  Objectives. Without getting into a planning session, lets just say that goals are the big picture you reference in your vision. Objectives are the bite-sized pieces necessary for accomplishing the Goals.  Objectives are important in motivation because your employees need to see a path, objectives are the path. They are doable, even if they stretch the employee to accomplish them.

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