Do you love Youtube? Do you wish you escape the confines of a standard 9 to 5 job where you are stuck in a cubicle all day? You are not alone. People all across the globe are wondering how to make money on Youtube.

If you are ready to be a content creator, we have the answers for you. Below we have compiled a comprehensive guide on how to make money on Youtube. Keep reading below to learn how!

What Is Youtube?

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Youtube is an online platform used to upload and watch videos. Founded in 2005, Youtube is the largest video sharing website in the world. People from around the world upload and watch videos daily.

You can find almost every genre you can think of on the video platform. It is important to note that Youtube does not just host professional grade content; it is primarily open to the everyday person. However, the most popular content across the website is of the professional grade quality.

Pros And Cons Of Using YouTube For Your Business

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In order to fully understand how to make money on this platform you must know the ins and outs of the website. First and foremost, it is imperative to think realistically about your goals and the potential outcomes. Below we have laid out some of the most common pros and cons it would be wise to consider before starting out.

Pro: No Expenses Required

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One benefit of using YouTube for business is the fact that there are no expenses required. All you need to start a successful Youtube channel is an internet connection, a computer, and something to film video. Lighting equipment, sound effects, props, and more are not required to be successful, but they help grab people’s attention.

Pro: YouTube is Widely Accepted

Con: You Promote

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Although you may use a platform to post your content, that does not mean the platform is responsible for promoting your videos. Promotion is up to you, and that means all the marketing associated with it. Having active social media accounts is essentially a must when it comes to gaining a following online.

That means anytime you post a video you want to get seen you have to put in the work behind it. This means researching and adding proper video tags, hash tags, social media posts, links, and more. However, this also means you’ll need to put the work into promoting your social media accounts to ensure your posts are successful.

Con: No Guarantees

Con: Negative Reviews

How To Make Money On YouTube In 5 Ways

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Now that you understand what the Youtube platform is and how it works, you can begin to learn how to make money. Making money on Youtube can be done in a number of ways. The most lucrative way for beginners to make a living on the online platform is through 5 key ways. Those 5 ways are as follows:

Way One: AdSense

If you want to know how to make money on Youtube, the easiest way to get started is with AdSense. AdSense is Google’s advertiser service that is used to make money off of the ads that your followers watch. This is one of the most common ways to learn how to make money on Youtube, however, it is dependant upon views. For every 1,000 views you get on a video, you can only expect to be paid around one, measly, dollar.

Due to the fact that AdSense is heavily dependent upon views that means that it’s not a great option for beginners. Until you’ve built up enough of a following to warrant a few thousand views will the AdSense program be a viable source of income. However, it’s never a bad thing to get started right off the bat!  

Tip: Advertiser Friendly Content

Way Two: Affiliates

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The second way to learn how to make money on Youtube is through affiliates. Affiliates are partnerships with an online retailer where they provide you a code to share with your followers. When your followers use codes or follow links to specific products, you’ll gain a kick-back. Even Amazon, the mega-retailer, offers an affiliate program. Though each affiliate is different and contracts can widely vary, the average commission gained through affiliate purchases is anywhere from five to 10%.

Way Three: Products

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Products are a great way to learn how to make money on Youtube. Experts suggest that you think about your Youtube channel like a business. Who is your target market? What is your audience going to be interested in purchasing?

Products are a great way for you to try out items all for the price of a review. Some companies prefer you give a positive review but there are products and companies out there happy for unbiased feedback in exchange for their product. Products are an easy way to get started as you can often reach out to brands of products you already own to endorse.

Way Four: Services

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Services may seem like an odd way to learn how to make money on Youtube but it is one of the most effective methods to date. Services can mean many things, for instance, it could be filmmaking, editing, scoring, speaking and more! If your platform is compelling enough, people will want to reach out and talk to you about how you garnered your success.

Getting paid to make an appearance isn’t just for TV or movie stars anymore. Today, online influencers are making their way into popular media through hosting award ceremonies, events, and more! It is important to note that a service can merely be your presence.

Way Five: Brands Or Sponsors

One of the most lucrative ways to learn how to make money on Youtube is by working with brands and sponsors. A sponsored video means that company is endorsing your content. This endorsement often gets tricky with public image and politics, so keep things as family friendly as possible. This is also a wonderful way to build relationships outside of the Youtube platform. Building partnerships with brands can encourage additional, lucrative, partnership and collaborations in the future.

Another reason why brands and sponsors are one of the best ways to make money on Youtube is that of your ability to be selective. With AdSense, you don’t have much of a say about the ads playing before your video. Brands and sponsorships allow you to be more choosy when it comes to what you are promoting.


As much as you may admire Youtube and the digital influencers on the platform, you have to understand the nuances, work, equipment and expectations that arise from being a content creator before getting started. If your goal is to join the platform in order to make money, you can absolutely do so. However, if you are interested in making a salary and a living outside of the poverty line, you will need to consistently work hard to do so.

Working hard to promote, create and sponsor your videos will only help push you toward your goal. Monetization on the video-sharing website has been more difficult of late than ever before so be sure you thoroughly read all rules, regulations and guidelines before joining. As always, make sure to have fun and never lose sight of your dreams. It may take hundreds of videos before you are discovered, or it could just take one. Good luck and happy filming!

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