If you’re looking to expand your sources of revenue, one thing you should focus on is working smarter and not harder. One smart choice is creating new streams of passive income with home based business ideas that fit comfortably into your busy schedule.

Luckily, many only take a few hours to set up and maintain every week. With just so many hours of the day, it makes sense to leverage the many resources available that let you create passive income that requires minimal effort. Here are seven home based business ideas you can begin working on today.

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1. Become an Amazon Seller

Take a good look around your home. Chances are you’ve been collecting things you may never use again. Get your feet wet by selling them on Amazon. Don’t worry; this is easier than you think.

Search for the same products you own on Amazon and look for the “have one to sell” button. Click the link to list your item. Best of all, there’s no need to write descriptions or take pictures.

Let’s assume these items sell in a week, and you get the hang of it. Keep adding items you own or head out to yard sales on weekends and find new items for just a few dollars. You’d be surprised what people will pay for a beloved old toy or a record they listened to as a child.

Once you’ve gotten the hang of it, and hopefully built up a little profit to invest, you can source new products from manufacturers.  When you purchase in bulk, you’ll pay wholesale for your inventory. But, you’ll sell them at retail cost to hungry customers.

Whether you expand to new products or stick with specialty vintage and used items, a few hours of work on the weekend buying and listing could provide you with a steady new revenue source.

2. Capitalize on Your Artistic Skills

If you have professional photography skills or even just a professional camera, you can create passive income by signing up with stock photo websites like Shutterstock and iStockphoto. In fact, these platforms allow you to sell a number of artistic products and generate revenue.

Photographers, digital artists, fine artists, even musicians, can create works and sell usage rights to a broad audience of customers who need content for their websites.

Spend a weekend out in nature taking captivating and stunning landscape pictures with your camera. Or get some stylish, moody urban shots.

You can create sketches, rasters, and even clips of original music. Then upload your files to your Shutterstock and iStockphoto account. People around the globe with little or no artistic skills will buy the rights to use your images or music on their website, blog, or videos.

This is one of those home based business ideas that can generate you income around the clock with minimal effort on your part. And it will give you an opportunity to stretch your creative wings.

3. Write what You Know

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There has never been a time before when authors could self-publish their works and get in front of a global audience for next to nothing. This is an excellent opportunity to generate a new revenue source if you have some expertise in a particular area.

If you know how to rebuild an engine, make a sweater from scratch, or prepare low-fat meals, then write an ebook. Once you have it finished, find a good editor and a cover artist.

There’s a small expense involved, but you can often find freelancers on sites like Fiverr who can turn out a professional-looking product on a minimal budget.

List your ebook for sale on sites like Amazon or Smashwords. Once uploaded, each time a customer buys the ebook, Amazon delivers your book to the customer, and you get paid about 60 days later.

Home based business ideas like this can generate revenue quickly. And the good news is, the more books you publish, the more your income.

4. Become a YouTube Product Tester

Those who have a unique and outgoing personality can start generating revenue on YouTube by becoming a product tester. Traffic to YouTube reaches millions every day! And if you can gain a following, you could start raking in considerable revenue each month doing nothing more than voicing your unique opinions.

Review books, movies, products, or even talk about current events if you like. You may need to spend some time learning about video production, but the cost of the technology and the complexity of the learning curve are both well within reach.

Once you begin creating your videos and generating a following, YouTube will reward by allowing you to monetize the ads in and around your video.

Each time someone clicks on those ads, you earn money. The more popular the videos, the bigger the revenue stream you receive. What could be easier than telling people what you really think?

5. Start a Blog about Anything

One way to generate passive income is to start a blog about a subject near and dear to your heart. This is one of those home based business ideas anyone can set up.

Whether you love pets, cycling, crafts, or travel, creating a blog is a free way to generate a revenue source that could pay you for many years to come. Start by creating a new post on your blog at least once a day.

The best part is that blog platforms allow you to schedule posts in advance. This means that you can spend a couple of hours writing a week’s worth of blog posts and schedule them to post every day without having to run to your laptop every day.

Then, learn about small business SEO techniques. This way, you can sprinkle some long-tail keywords into each post to attract the search engine spiders, which in turn bring the organic traffic right to your site.

You can register with Google Adsense. And by the time they accept you into the program, you’ll have a dozen or more posts. Once you are in, simply allow Adsense to generate ads in the posts, under the posts, and in the sidebar of your website.

Google will optimize the ads to match your content, which means your audience is more likely to engage with them. Once clicked, you’ll get a check each month for the revenue.

Amazon has a similar program that allows affiliates to place ads on their blogs. You’ll receive commissions from Amazon sales made when readers click on those ads on your blog.

Between both programs, this is one of the easiest home based business ideas that is sure to generate long-term income with little effort.

6. Promote Products on Social Media

Speaking of the Amazon affiliate program, social media allows anyone to reach a global audience with the click of a mouse. If you use Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook, you can promote products with links in your posts, directing followers to products on Amazon or other retailers.

For example, you could create a fan page for your favorite TV show or band on Facebook. If you have numerous followers who are interested in the same show or group, you can sprinkle affiliate links in your posts that will generate income by recommending DVDs, CDs, or even T-shirts and jewelry.

Register with an affiliate network that promotes products related to your social account. We recommend Amazon because they have a wide range of products that cater to every interest. Then post a link to a product once a day when your traffic is highest.

If one of your followers clicks on the link and buys the product, you earn a commission. Best of all, Facebook page management tools allow you to schedule these posts in advance.

7. Sell on eBay to a Global Audience

Selling on eBay is even easier than selling on Amazon. Best of all, you get to reach a global audience for only pennies a listing. Scour your local dollar store or flea markets for items you can get in large quantities that may not be available in other parts of the country. If you buy it for $1, and someone in Idaho is willing to pay $5 because they don’t have them in that state, you’ve made a profit.

If you can make $1 with home based business ideas like this, you can easily make $100. Stick to one item you can get cheap that many can’t find, and you could be raking in cash week after week with minimal effort.

You can also source directly from manufacturers, by purchasing in bulk and selling for a profit. You can search sites like Alibaba, AliExpress, and Doba for suppliers.

Generate New Revenue Sources that Work

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Give these home based business ideas a try. Perhaps this will be the year you start to amass that nest egg that will carry you through retirement.

Perhaps you have already found one or more ideas that are beginning to yield results. Share your insights and tips with us here so we can help others make their dreams of owning a successful home business a reality too.

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