Let’s take a close look at Google Plus as a vehicle to enhance your company’s online presence.  A social network tool since 2011, it integrates other Google services such as Gmail org and Google Plus Business to boost your reach. Its main agenda is to connect you to its active subscribers to help you build a network of resources.

Google Plus Business is a method of transacting or trading using the resources available on Google to create a market for your entity. The gaps it seeks to fill are the below.


What Can Google Plus Business Offer You

1. Customer Base

Google Plus Business has exposure to over three hundred million active subscribers. If one percent of them are interested in your product that’s three million people. If a portion of that one percent refers others to your site the potential is huge.

2. Accessibility

Sixty eight percent of all internet searches are done on google. Strategic placement on the search engine is a  key contributor to online success.

Clients want to know who they are buying from. They want to relate to you and gain confidence in your product before they buy. Therefore, your search-ability is vital for converting your prospects to customers.

An additional competitive edge for Google Plus Business is the Google Maps service. As long as a customer is online, they can access your address,  the directions to your facility, your contact information, your operating hours and call you with a click.

3. Efficiency

Let’s say you want to reach a hundred customers using a phone call. How long would it take you? Consider how many people you could reach in the same time using Google+?

Google Plus Business tool promotes your business faster and cheaper than any other social marketing tool. Customers access real-time information on a click of a button. They can share it with their friends and family with the same speed.

4. Visibility

Adding a Google Plus Business Page to your profile increases the visibility of your brand. You are not the only provider of your goods or services in the market. When a potential customer is ready to buy you want your business and your brand to stand out from the herd.

7  Steps to Improve Your Google Plus Business Page

1. You Need a Google Plus Personal Profile

  • Keep it updated with your current information and image.
  • Give it an exciting look which will draw people to it.

2. Use Your Profile to Post Quality Content on Your Google Plus Business Page

The internet is full of content but not all of it is top quality. Make your content informative, attractive and easy to read.

3. Use Circles

Circles help you add followers. They may be social, industry-specific, focused on a sport or pastime – almost anything.  Follow those who are already following you and engage in their conversations. You can also evaluate and follow people you don’t know by reviewing their profile.

You know the principle of giving to get back? It applies here. People will like or follow if you do the same for them.

4. Join a Community

As you use circles, you will see a prompt to join a community. These are people who are already in circles. But they have formed a bigger group that is mostly niche related. For example, there are plenty of bloggers. Google normally suggests communities for you to join.

  • Select large and active communities relating to your niche.
  • As you join, allow the people in those communities to view your profile. This way they can follow you more easily.

You are here to grow your business so you must maintain focus. Post great content, highlight your products and services.

google plus first page

5. Post Regularly

Just like other social media tools, the more active you are, the more likely you are to gain following. Allow the public to see your postings for exposure.

6. Get Active on What’s Fresh

The Google Plus Business trending topics are discussed under this tab. Get involved and share your thoughts. Assist users who are asking questions in your niche. Gain interest in the topics being discussed. You can even prepare a post on a hot topic and share the link.

7. Explore Hashtags (#)

Have you interacted with hashtags before? This is a power tool for Google Plus Business postings. People all over the internet are able to follow a conversation as long as it has (#).

If you type any word preceded by (#) under the What’s Hot tab, for example (#Business), Google automatically suggests related words that you could use to boost you readability. It will further classify the most popular related words. Needless to say; this will boost your post further.

Giving Your Business a Plus

It’s one thing to gain an audience and another one to sell to it. To convert followers to customers be sure your content is flawless and attractive, speak in a language your buyer understands.

The Google Plus Business tools might help you reach out. But it’s your part to convert prospects to clients. Has Google Plus assisted your business? We will appreciate hearing your compelling stories.

The images are from depositphotos.com.


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