Teens today have so many unique business opportunities available to them. These choices are real thanks to the internet and technology. Starting a business isn’t just for adults. There are plenty of teenagers today making more money each week than many adults at their regular paying jobs.

The following 10 good business ideas for teens should get their entrepreneurial spirit soaring. These suggestions might as well help them hit the jackpot in life.


1. The Academic Tutor

Those teenagers who are excelling in school could make some serious money. All they have to do is giving particular lessons to those struggling to make the grade. Instead of the old days where tutors needed to travel to student’s home, teenagers today can take advantage of technology.

They can use their phone camera or set up a video conference online to speak with one or more kids who want help on a certain subject. Even if the teenager is a genius in mathematics only, they can tutor in that subject to thousands of kids and adults who need help all around the world.

2. Child Care Service

The days of searching for a babysitter through referrals is gone. Today, you can search and speak to potential candidates online. In order to reach local families in need of child care services, the teenager creates a website. Her online portal can feature videos and testimonials.

They can also make use of a number of phone apps to consult in video chats with the parents. This way, all questions and concerns can be addressed. Through the use of technology, the teenager can ease the mind of the parents. This will allow them to see in real-time exactly what is going on while their children are being watched.

3. The Craft Fair Vendor

knitting rods in white yarn ball on knitted cloth on wooden floor

Teenagers who have crafting skills can certainly make a lot of money today with the use of technology and local craft fairs, yard sales or flea markets. Depending on what area the teenage excels, they can improve their skills by watching videos online.

Afterwards, they can promote the products they make on local township home pages, chat boards, and online platforms. Once the word spreads, new and potential customers can be directed to a website to place orders and make payments by way of PayPal.

4. The YouTube Celebrity

On the subject of good business ideas for teens, showcasing their personality to the world was never more easier or profitable. Create a YouTube page to show their ability to test new products, rate music videos or just do things your followers ask. As the followers grow, so too does traffic.

Once your YouTube channel gets 10,000 unique hits, you have the ability to make use of Adsense ads on the channel and all your videos. These advertisements run alongside the videos the teenager makes. Each time they are clicked, the teenager gets paid. Channels with millions of followers could result in a hefty check from Adsense revenue each month.

5. Detailing Service

There are plenty of drivers today who are too busy going back and forth to work. They don’t have time take care of their cars. On the subject of good business ideas for teens, all they need is the ability to be meticulous about car cleaning. They can gain have access to certain supplies necessary for their job.

A car detailing business could be a gold mine. Take some video or pictures of your results to add to a blog or website. Potential customers will be able to check the work and read testimonials from happy customers.

6. Errand Service

red delivery boy on scooter with delivery bag on back on street

If the teenager is driving already, a great way to make money is doing errands for those who can not or don’t have time during their busy schedule. These tasks could be as small as picking up a prescription at the pharmacy to doing a week’s worth of grocery shopping for the elderly who can not leave their homes. The great thing about this idea is that the client can grow to like the teenager. Consequently, they will receive more work, and plenty of referrals will follow.

7. Pet Sitting & Dog Walking

Some good business ideas for teens who love animals are dog walking or pet sitting services. Some clients can not stand the thought of their pet being home alone all day while they are at work. Having a trusting and reliable teenager who loves pets and is willing to spend time with their loved one could be a lucrative business opportunity. What might start off as just dog walking once a day, could develop into pet sitting for a few hours a day for extra dollars.

8. Teaching Technology

There are too many seniors today who have no idea how to even turn on a computer. As they didn’t grow up with technology, they are terrified of it. These seniors are missing out on the chance to video chat with family far away or watch their old favorite shows. Teenagers can tutor these seniors on how to operate a computer and safely navigate the internet. By being patient and friendly, the potential business benefits in this field can be literally endless.

9. Tee-Shirt Designer

Who doesn’t love colorful printed T-shirts? If the teenager has a creative flair and the ability to create designs on trending subjects, they can be selling thousands of custom designed tee-shirts online to eager buyers. The internet is full of sites like TeeSpring. On this type of platforms, you simply upload your design. Buyers make purchases through that site and commissions are automatically sent to the teenager.

10. Recycling Center

cardboard boxeswith recycling symbol one over the other in the garden with daisies

Sadly, there are some communities that do not have recycling pick-up services. As a result, all that plastic, cardboard, and glass go in the trash with the rest of the garbage. For the teenager who has dreams of making money and helping the environment, becoming a mobile recyclable pick-up center could be quite lucrative. Even if the teenager charges a nominal fee for the pickup, they get paid at many cycling centers for certain products like plastic and glass.

Final Word

These are just 10 of the good business ideas for teens who want to hit the jackpot in life. These business ideas not only open the door to more rewarding opportunities, but they can feed that entrepreneurial spirit and help the teenager reach their full potential.

If you have some good business ideas for teens starting a business, please share your thoughts with our readers. This way, they can pass on that information.

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