The goal of every business should be to streamline their human resources processes as much as possible. In order to effectively manage team activities and information, many companies adopt a software system designed for the task. Whether you’re managing a small group or a large one, contract management software has much to offer in efficiencies.

A dedicated system also offers increased security and is less likely to experience problems stemming from hacking. In the scope of this article, we will cover ten contract management software solutions on the market along with their benefits.


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 Contract Management Software Packages to Consider

1. BambooHR

Bamboo HR is an all-in-one offering that works on both the internet and on mobile devices. It operates using the cloud, and it comes with a free trial. Users can track employees’ time off, and management will better be able to store their records that are based on staff performance. It comes with access to a support crew via a digital platform and is popular, with more than 6,000 firms using it as their contract management software of choice.

2. Jobscience Talent

Jobscience is designed to help with the science of recruitment. It is integrated with LinkedIn and provides analytics to help employers conduct research in order to make the best decision possible. It equips those looking for workers to pool the most qualified professionals for the position. Businesses can launch public campaigns to be viewed by job seekers who can respond and send their resumes online. It also allows firms to send emails to prospective candidates.

3. PeopleMatter

This software is divided into three modules: hire, learn, and schedule, and it is aimed toward companies in service industries. It offers online hiring tools, and it gives companies an edge by helping them with their social media presence. Its learn function helps with the development of training for laborers, and it lets companies design their instructional material to spec. The scheduling feature assists companies with their staff’s time management needs.

4. FinancialForce HCM

This is a powerful application that organizes many of the aspects associated with human resources, and it does the job visually. It is based on the cloud, and it works with a network called Salesforce. FinancialForce has the capacity to keep track of employee performance, and it provides recruitment tools such as online sourcing and analysis. It also stores performance data.

5. People

This contract management software can be synced up with Google and with Dropbox, making the transfer of files and information easier. It can document expenses, manage time off schedules, and be used to input data from employee time sheets. In addition, it works with a range of other human resource programs. It operates on a variety of devices, and it is also compatible with desktop computers.

6. Lanteria HR

Lanteria offers Office 365 support, works with both mobile and web platforms, and operates using the cloud. Users can access the program via a free trial for a limited period of time time, enabling them to test it before committing to buy. Lanteria is best suited for medium-sized to large corporations. It has recruitment features, time tracking, as well as training functionalities.

7. Namely

Namely is best suited to smaller businesses. The program focuses on providing top-notch service and customer care 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The software has been user-friendly and adapts well to use with many online social media platforms. Namely has been used by clients all over the globe.

8. Jazz

Jazz is a specialty software service gear to assist you in finding quality employees. It has the capability of interacting with online applications in real time, and it helps management screen applications in order to find the best fit. It allows recruiters to send messages to prospective team members, and it creates an interactive process for screening candidates. Jazz also works with SEO to make job announcements searchable, and it works with major job-posting web sites.

9. Cezanne

While Cezanne is geared toward smaller firms, it seeks to equip its customers with the services they need in order to expand. Its pricing is dependent on the number of people using it and on the features used. It allows operations to analyze data compiled to see how to best grow their outfits. It is contract management software that can keep a record of documents and that also can aid in administering disciplinary measures.

10. Workday

Workday has done business with a variety of firms that run the gamut from medium-sized to the Fortune 100 List. This comprehensive system covers hiring, pre-employment screening, payroll and employee data management. Workday also handles the functions involved with retirement, and it gives people a self-service option. Managers can run reports with the data based on position, pay, and a number of other factors, and it can be set up in a variety of ways. This contract management software is adaptable, and it can be easily adjusted for companies undergoing a restructuring.

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Though this list explored some of the more popular options for solutions geared toward human resources, there are many more contract management software options available. Whether you’re small and are looking to grow or are large and in need of intensive support, there is a company who can meet the needs of your business.

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