Send a Handwritten Note


In this world of emails, texts and 140 character tweets we have become accustomed to a short hand for conversing which dominates business (and personal) exchange. I am going to suggest that there is a way to communicate which will garner positive attention from many of the people important to your business. Send them a handwritten note on nice paper.

You are thinking you haven’t written a note since thanking Grandma for the birthday check? Consider how you would respond to a hand written note from a supplier instead of the printed holiday card. You would likely reserve this form of correspondence for special occasions and when you want maximum impact.

Before you discount the idea, be assured the note need not be long. “I just want you to know how grateful we at ABC Enterprises are for your order. Please know that we will do anything possible to justify your faith in us” is far more compelling that a generic email saying “Thank you for your order”.

When do you use this dying courtesy? To thank a new customer for their trade. To thank an old customer for their loyalty. To thank a potential customer who granted you a meeting.

But the correspondence is not limited to customers. There are hundreds of uses including:

  • To thank the supplier who moved heaven and earth to get you product.
  • To acknowledge the employee who went far beyond the expected.
  • To express gratitude to the councilman who got your street repaired.
  • To show appreciation to the newspaper columnist who gives you a positive mention.
  • To send your condolences to the fellow business owner who has had a death in the family.
  • To congratulate the association employee who has been promoted.

A note requires nothing of the recipient and conveys a sincerity an email does not.

I promise all of them will remember (it likely being the only handwritten note they have received in recent memory) and will be more inclined to do other favors should the need arise. Its human nature: we all like to be recognized when we do someone a good turn.

Buy some cards or notes. This is not time for cute kittens or generic landscapes. Even the packaged “Thank you” notes are not the ideal if you want to impress the recipient. Most stationary websites offer a range of correspondence cards, notes and letterhead which will improve your business image and be far more memorable. You can have your name, logo, address – whatever you like – imprinted on them. I suggest you maintain some cohesion with the image of your other marketing and branding output. I particularly like the cards and folded notes as little is required in the way of a message to fill them.

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