Choosing the best business management tools for a small company becomes more challenging when you have to incorporate different tracking tools into the mix. You need to keep track of project expenses and timelines, as well as integrating your customer relationship management (CRM) system and marketing tools.

These business tools are supposed to make life easier for small business owners. However, many of them are so complicated that they begin to take more time to learn than they’ll save.

The easy fix is picking from all-in-one management tools. These package programs provide all of the features a company will need, already integrated into one seamless package. Most of these tools run their processes online. As a result, you can use them from anywhere you can access Wi-Fi with a tablet or smartphone.

These online platforms mean you don’t have to worry about making backups, scheduling upgrades, or purchasing new hardware.

The following 14 helpful business management tools for the small business owner will help you automate your day-to-day operations. With all the spare time you’ll have, you can concentrate on innovation and growth.

1. BlueCamroo

BlueCamroo is one of those business management tools that will handle the lion-share of the heavy lifting for any small business. The project management module helps you set and keep schedules and allocate resources. It also allows you to immediately access budget data to make sure you’re keeping costs on target.

The CRM module manages your sales leads and integrates with your social media accounts. It even has a site builder for creating multiple landing pages, eCommerce stores, and websites, while combining them with your lead generation tools.

You’ll get a free 14-day trial with BlueCamroo, and afterward, your cost is $49 per user per month. Considering the power behind this impressive all-in-one system, it’s an excellent price for a comprehensive suite of business tools.

2. WORKetc

WORKetc has been around for almost a decade and offers a unique solution for entrepreneurs looking for a business management tools package the combines a number of cloud-based modules. Along with project management tools and a CRM program, WORKetc offers a cloud-based collaboration workspace so that online businesses have a virtual workroom for employees.

This package also provides invoicing and billing tools, including the ability to track complicated tax rules. The team management tool helps project leads keep in touch with members in real time. It even includes a help desk module that monitors customer service problems and ensures they’re resolved promptly.

After the 14-day free trial, the WORKetc starter package is $78 per month, with a two-user license. For upgraded services, including social media integration, email marketing, and a customer portal, the cost is $195 per month for three users.

3. Zoho

Zoho provides a large and varied selection of different business management tools and apps. Although each stands alone, they all work together in a customizable, integrated package. Choose from accounting modules, email marketing apps, help desk applications, and even create your own business apps.

Zoho provides several packages for apps that work together to manage specific business needs. Their Workplace package offers collaboration tools and team management for free for up to 25 users. Their CRM Plus package provides help desk, social media support, and sales automation tools for $60 per user per month.

4. Bitrix

Bitrix offers a virtual workspace and team communication tools, including email, messaging, and video chat. It even provides a social network type platform for connecting with your team and sharing files in an easy-to-use format.

You can track employee project time, vacation hours, and even submit expense reports through the online system. The activity stream function helps managers keep on top of projects and deadlines with notifications, as it records real-time updates when users check-in

Best of all, Bitrix is free for up to 12 users.

5. Sellsy

The key component of Sellsy business management tools is the ability to track the complete journey your customer takes from the first contact to after the sale. With a number of modules, including CRM, customer service, eCommerce, and billing hours management, it has a package to fit your business model.

Sellsy also includes office tools, project management tools, and a drop and drag tool to create websites and online stores. There’s even an inventory management unit that integrates with your POS system.

From brick and mortars to online stores or a hybrid of both, Sellsy is a sophisticated suite of business management tools. Their basic starter plan accommodates up to five users.

6. 1CRM

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1CRM  business management tools focus on customer lead generation and contact management. With a lead capture system and automated follow-up, it helps you generate professional product catalogs and create estimates and invoices from a tablet or smartphone. It even provides tracking for shipping and receiving.

1CRM integrates with many popular business tools, such as Woo Commerce, Joomla, Quickbooks, and WordPress. It also integrates with social media networks like Facebook and Twitter.

The startup edition is a free download if you want to run it on your own server with a limited number contacts. For using online, you’ll receive a 30-day free trial. After you’ve had a chance to test it out, the nominal cost is $12 per month for up to three users.

The professional edition, at $33 per month, offers unlimited users and contacts.


With ADIOS, business owners will find a comprehensive set of customer service tools. With a help desk and ticketing module, you can keep track of customer complaints in a timely manner.

The instant chat allows you to provide online customer service, while the CRM stays in touch with your leads and opt-in list to send special offers and discounts.

The Adios email newsletter module offers professional templates, anti-spam settings, customer engagement statistics, and best of all, unlimited emails.

8. has all the apps you need to track data, manage projects, and support customers. Their standalone business apps also work as an integrated business suite, including modules for accounting, CRM, marketing, and project management.

Unlike many other providers, KPI also offers an HR module for managing, training, and recruiting staff, as well as managing employee records.

Choose a customized plan that includes the modules and number of users you need for as little as $10 per month. There’s also a free trial, so you can test the system before making a commitment.

9. ExxpertApps

With ExxpertApps, the small business owner who works globally can access business management tools from one central location. ExxpertApps offers an internal social network for team and project management, along with virtual collaboration space.

Its key feature is that it functions seamlessly in all time zones, and in many languages and currencies. It also offers eCommerce tools for building online stores.

The basic plan that covers internal management functions is $50 per month. For $10 more, ExpertApps offers a customized program that includes customer and product management tools.

10. YourTradeBase

For trade businesses, YourTradeBase has the small business owner covered with a range of useful business management tools designed specifically for service companies. Their package helps you control and manage the whole process, from lead generation and estimates, to scheduling and assigning your team.

Then it provides invoicing and payment processing, along with help you follow up with customers.

Best of all, they offer a no-contract price of $33.50 per month with a two-week free trial. And if you pay a year in advance, they’ll give you two months free.

11. Wintac

Wintac offers a complete package of business management tools for trade business. Specialized to meet the needs of HVAC, plumbing, and other services, it provides tools for managing field technicians and fleet vehicles.

On the top of the list of features is the scheduling and dispatch module that allows you to track service calls. It also provides an estimates and proposals module as well as a lead generation and customer management application.

The basic program is $2,695, with an additional fee of $1,425 for each new license. To provide mobile access to your field technicians, it’s $1,795 for unlimited users.

12. Jobber

Focusing on the home service industry, Jobber delivers a suite of business management tools for residential services such as lawn care, housekeeping, and landscaping. You will be able to easily manage customer accounts and billing, or your team of workers in the field.

The drag and drop calendar allows you to set schedules for service calls quickly, and the CRM app ensures you keep in touch with current and potential clients.

Jobber’s core plan that accommodates up to two users is $69 per month. The upgraded plan is $129 for up to 10 users and includes the CRM module.

13. mHelpDesk

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mHelpDesk offers so much more than just a help desk feature. The full range of options includes customer contact, billing, and scheduling for an all-in-one business tools package for service companies.

Start with the lead management and CRM modules that provide tools for estimates, quotes, and online bookings. The workflow management module handles scheduling and dispatch. It integrates with QuickBooks and HomeAdvisor for a simple solution for HVAC, plumbing, and other service providers.

You’ll need to contact them for a quote to get the cost of the program, but they offer a risk-free, 14-day free trial so you can take a test drive.

14. Booker

The suite of Booker business management tools provides spa and salon owners the tools they need to manage their business. It combines an online booking module with point-of-sale and eCommerce solutions. It also allows owners to attract new customers through online reviews sites like Yelp while providing tools for customer retention.

The basic plan is $85 per month and features customer appointment reminders, online booking, and inventory management.

The upgraded package at $135 per month adds text message notifications to help your clients keep appointments.

Finding the Best Business Management Tools

These 14 helpful business management tools for small businesses should help make day-to-day operations more manageable. Some are specific for particular industries, while others are more flexible for a range of small business types.

If you’re running a small business and have used any of the tools, please tell us if you found them effective.

If you’ve utilized any tools not on this list, please share your experiences. Together, we can help our readers to grow their own business too.

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