The field of marketing is driven by knowledge from some books that we feel offer powerful, insightful and critical perspectives which have contributed to the discipline.

Marketing is a dynamic and fluid field and we feel the following are having an impact now.



The 8 Books to Help You Increase the Impact of Your Brand

1. The Content Code by Mark Schaefer

Content marketing is one of the fastest growing fields in the marketing world. This is thanks to the growth of social media and other online marketing platforms. Content marketing is the practice of creating and sharing content such as videos and blogs online. What these two have in common is that they do not explicitly advertise a brand. But they are meant to create an interest in it.

Schaefer provides simple yet well thought-out ideas of how to break through the noise and reach a particular audience through a content transmission. What makes this book a must-read is that content marketing is the future of marketing.

2. Richest Man in Babylon by George Samuel Clason

This is probably the most famous  book on this list. It’s insights, business savvy and basics of wealth building has made it something of a classic. It is a series of parables which impart a range of financial wisdom all business owners will appreciate.

3. Trust Me I’m Lying: Confessions of a Media Manipulator by Ryan Holiday

In this book, Ryan Holiday tries to lay open the behind the scenes reality on how the media manipulates consent and data to give it a particular slant. Even then the book is more than just an issue of media manipulation it’s about a growth-hack in product and brand messaging.

This book will help you determine what is actually happening beyond the spin and the slanted coverage.

This is particularly useful in very competitive industries where product messaging has such a large impact on sales and brand value.

4. The Art of Seduction by Robert Green

If this appears to be an odd choice for business books, consider that marketing is essentially seduction. Mr. Green offers up strategies on choosing the right targets and gaining mastery over them. `

Just like seduction, marketing plays a central role in humanizing a brand. This book will help you harness the power of seduction and use them in your marketing pursuits.

5. Small Data: The Tiny Clues That Uncover Huge Trends by Martin Lindstrom

If a business basic is to create a company which fill a market need, then this book takes the precept to a whole new level.  Lindstrom spends 300 nights per year closely observing people to determine what the next breakthrough products will be. A review of the book refers to it as a “interlocking series of international clue-gathering detective stories”.

With the advent of data analytics you have the opportunity to do your own sleuthing. This book will show you the benefits and point the way. He focuses on the ability to harness customer and market insights and using them to develop the next great idea.

6. Thick Face, Black Heart by Chin-Ning chu

In this book, Chin harnesses the ancient military wisdom of the east and the modern day adverting wisdom of the West to produce one of the best marketing books of all time. The main thrust of the book is that to survive the brutal world of modern business one needs incredible mental fortitude and toughness.

That there is no real enlightenment without full knowledge and one has to develop a thick face and blacken one’s heart in order to preserve self-esteem.

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7. Crossing the Chasm by Geoffrey A. Moore

This one is a must for tech companies and useful for anyone responsible for marketing.  We know that technology has early adopters and late adopters – and those who get in the game at the tail end of the product’s life cycle. The chasm between early adopters and the majority of buyers is vast and the book explores how to accelerate the adoption process.

By understanding the consumer’s behavior you can target the different consumer’s clusters with customized messaging. The focus of the book may be on the tech industry. However, its lessons are applicable in any market segment or industry. The diffusion of innovation has the biggest impact on your go-to-market messaging and product placement strategies.

8. Selling the Invisible by Harry Beckwith

This book is a great primer for service businesses of all kinds.

Harry Beckwith makes the powerful claim that in this service-based kind of economy your key strength is your ability to build strong networks with your key partners and players. This is even more critical as the economies transition from the experience economy to the transformation economy.

Harry grounds his marketing theory on the ability of markets to grasp the sense of the intangibles. Some of these can be fear, time factors, greed, group influence and other factors that drive users. Besides the user, he’s advocates for a proper understanding of the intangibility and invisibility of services when sold to end-users.

To the End

One of the surprising issues when it comes to best marketing books is that a fair share of them are not primarily geared towards marketing. That’s because marketing as a field encompasses lots of other disciplines. These include persuasion, market research, data analytics, psychology, and content creation.

Some the best marketing books explore a completely different idea or discipline but have growth hacks and insights that are absolutely essential to marketers. Even then most of the best marketing books are those specifically focused on marketing principles that are fresh, insightful, engaging and very interesting.

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