Those who have tried to scan business cards into their computer know that this is more challenging than it appears. Business card scanner apps eliminate the headache of having to type in all that text and then copy and paste it elsewhere.

The best business card scanner app will cut it down  to a couple of simple steps. You just take a picture of the business card. The app recognizes the text and adds the new information to your contacts list or address book.

Here are the 5 of the best business card scanner apps available on the market.

1. ABBYY Business Card Scanner/ Reader

Available on: Windows.

When considering a business card scanner app, ABBYY is a good choice. The card reader is fast. The software recognizes text on the business cards accurately. As a result, you don’t have to fix mistakes in the process.

The steps for uploading the cards are easy. Just open the ABBYY app, tap on the camera icon, and if the app recognizes the card, it auto-snaps a picture. You will see the scanned contact, splitting first and last names, tagging locations where the card was scanned. It also has non-standard fields for quotes, social media profiles, and slogans.

Once everything looks perfect, hit the save button to add the contact. One of the unique features of this app is you can get in touch with a contact directly from this app. The ABBYY card scanner app lets you do everything in one place.

2. Sansan Business Card Reader

Available on: browser, iOS, Android.

Whether you are scanning business card from an individual or a company, the Sansan card reader will work quickly and efficiently. The software can upload all new contacts to your phone address book.

What really appeals to many about the Sansan card reader is that it combines features from the top apps into one simple to use application. Now you have the ability to scan those business cards one at a time or in bulk. It can even scan the front and back of the same card. Don’t have access to your phone? No problem! The Sansan scanner works on desktop too.

Perhaps the biggest appeal for a business using this scanner app is that each time the business card is scanned, that contact information can be shared with everyone within an organization. After you open the Sansan web app and search through uploaded business cards, you can send bulk emails to those contacts using all the information from their card to give the messages a personalized feel.

3. CamCard e-Card Scanner

Available on: browser, iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry.

If you are looking for a business card scanner app, the CamCard recommendation might be the choice for you. You can add your contact information to make an e-card which can be shared with others close by. The app can also create a shortcut to an entry through a QR code.

Tapping the camera icon will scan business cards effortlessly. The scanner recognizes all types of business cards instantly. It can also scan in a batch. Each contact will then include names, phone number, notes, and even Facebook pages, whatever information is contained on the card.

Whether sharing e-cards or scanning new business cards, everything is saved to the address book by default. Now you are easily able to add notes, group contacts or create reminders.  Anything that is manually added to the contacts will automatically sync to the information that was scanned.

lady scans qr code on business card with smartphone on street

4. Wantedly People App

Available on: browser, iOS, Android.

With the Wantedly scanner app, users have the ability to scan one to ten business cards  at once. This scanner app is easy to use.

Place all ten business cards in front of the camera, so they are not overlapping. Wait until you see the circle appear over the cards, and tap the camera button. All of the business card upload at the same time.

For those who routinely scan groups of cards, this app requires the least effort.  The Wantedly app will recognize everything on the business cards from names, addresses, phone numbers, to e-mail address.

This scanner app can be especially helpful when you are at a convention or a business event where you are handed cards all day long. Placing ten on a table and clicking the button once saves time.

5. Evernote Notebook App

Available on: iOS, Android.

Many consider the Evernote system to be the best business card scanner app available. This is a notebook app. Nonetheless, it has a unique way also to scan business cards. This will allow you the ability to get all those contacts into the phone effortlessly.

Sign into the mobile app, hold the + icon, select camera, and then add a photo as a note. The Evernote app will automatically recognize business cards. It will then proceed to snap them with the document scanner mode. If you want to scan more business cards, just keep pointing the camera at the row of cards, and each scan will show on the bottom of the camera.

Tap any card to see how it was recognized. It might recognize it as a business card automatically. If it doesn’t, tap “saving as” button, choose a business card, and then Evernote pulls that data from the card. It will also try to match it to the person’s LinkedIn profile. Save that card with fields for contact info along with any notes you want.

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Final Word

When you are looking for the best business card scanner app, you can not go wrong with this list of 5 top-rated applications. Accuracy, speed, and dependability are a few of the key features of each of these card apps.

If you are having success with what you consider to be the best business card scanner app, share your choice here. Our readers can investigate more recommendations this way.

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